Welcome to the ALFA Studio website. .

We take jobs in photography and film. Our studio has endless possibilities, but nice photos and videos do not always have to be taken in a studio for the best result. Wedding photos and portraits, for example, can be nice to take outside if the weather and wind are appropriate.

We are equipped with professional equipment and have a lot of experience in photography and film. We are have learned by doing and is working great.

We are always happy when beautiful pictures and movies makes good memories. We also like our customers to be 100% satisfied.

Our customer service is as high priority as our quality pictures.

We set an high standard on our product that will make you as a customer happy with what you buy from ALFA Studio

We are located in the Jetmundsen building, the old post office, the old grocery store or the white building on the down town Storsteinnes as some call it.

Enter the main entrance, up the stairs and go to the left. There you will find us.

About US

We are your new photographer!

Phone: +77720001


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