Wedding photo

Wedding photo for both traditional bridal couples and the creative bridal couples


Infant photo

Professional photos of infants baptism or a proper portrait photo



Stately confirmants need proper pictures that can be hung on the wall or put in an album


Portrait photo

For most people, a normal portrait photo will involve a person standing straight up and down in front of a photographer.

This is ALFA Studio and we let our imagination stop.

Costumes, stylish backgrounds, fun props and creative methods are often used to get a personal style in the image.


Drone photo

For you who want a picture of the courtyard, cabin, workplace, or something that needs a professional camera from the air


Video / film

ALFA Studio takes on film assignments in most areas.


Drone inspection

Get a closer overview from the air of, for example, a building or something else high up. See what the drone is currently seeing on a screen and get an overview of the area.